2 Schools-Cash Flow $561,792-Property

2 Schools in Putman and Clay County Florida. Property included. Strong cash flow with a net of $561,000. Combined the schools have a licensed capacity of 338 children. The Putman school has 95% government kids and the Clay about 60%.

Financing is set up for the schools. The Clay school has room to grow adding to the cash flow of the operations. The Schools have been in business since 2002 and 2007.

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Call Dennis Mope at 407-865-4385. Schools For Sale has been selling schools for 25 years and that is all we sell.

  • Price: 2,795,000 
  • location: NorthD 
  • Phone Number: 407-865-4385. 
  • property id: 2 Schools 
  • More info: Call Dennis Mope 407-865-4385