Profitable-Preschool with Property in Palm Beach-Financing set Up!

Located in the Palm Beach County. The School has been in the community for over 13 Years. The school is licensed for 100 students. The school take part in the Family Central Food program.
The school is accredited by NWCPA. The school has the Gold Seal from the State of Florida and does not pay property tax. The Gold Seal and Accreditation is transferable to the new owner.
The school is accredited by NCCPA. The school does not pay property tax  because of the accreditation. The accreditation is transferable to the new owner.
Besides Private pay, the school takes part in a number of state programs,  Family Central, VPK, and the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach  programs.
The School operates an active afterschool program as well as summer camp. It currently picks up as 3 schools with its 2,auto’s vans/Bus.

Call Dennis Mope 407-865-4385

  • Price: $1,980,000 
  • location: Palm Beach 
  • Phone Number: 407-865-4385 
  • property id: Palm 
  • More info: Call Dennis Mope 407-865-4385