Preschool/Property West Broward- High Quality Program-Hurry!

Business Description

High End Pre-School with Property located in West Broward.- Strong Sales – Great

This Preschool is providing Accredited Preschool with Academic Excellence in
South Florida /West Broward. The school respect each child as an individual with unique
qualities of personalities, intelligence and creativity. The program recognize that the power to is in Each child. The Teacher’s job is to support and guide young children
through their active learning adventures and experiences.Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment (APPLE) is a National
Early Learning Program which represents the mark of quality in early childhood
education. This school is accredited and as a result, that raise the level of
the programs and benefit children with greater readiness and success in their
future education.

The staff is highly qualified with some member have a Bachelor Degree. Some have an Associate Degree and CDA in Early Childhood.

The school sit on over 2 acres and has over 13000 SF building designed as a Preschool

  • Price: $6.750.000 
  • location: Broward County Florida 
  • Phone Number: 407-865-4385 
  • property id: Broward 
  • More info: Call Dennis Mope 407-865-4385