Preschool/Private School South Miami-Dade-Accredited

Grades VPK to 6th Grade. Call us today about this school located in Miami-Dade. Licensed for over 140 students. Was built for Preschool. Accredited by Association of Independent Schools of Florida and Council of Private Schools. (NCPSA)

Current enrollment 94 students( 8/20/2019) Takes part in Step -UP, The Children Trust and just Florida Public School Vouchers. Also Accept Family Empowerment Scholarship, and McKay.

As for Brian Sampson to call you. His number is 480-239-2237 Call Today!

Schools For Sale and been selling Schools for over 23 years. That is all we do!

  • Price: 1,500,000 
  • location: Homestead FL 
  • Phone Number: Call Brain at 480-239-2237 
  • property id: Homes 
  • More info: Call Brain at 480-239-2237