Preschool in Broward County – Business Only SBA Approved -15% down

Buyer Can Purchase for only 15% down-Preschool Broward Business Only

Buyer Can Purchase for only 15% down-Preschool Broward Bus Only
This is a must see school! Located in the Heart of Broward County this school is licensed for over 170+ students. It has it all the Food Program, VPD and yes it is Accredited. The current owner has been in the business for 10 years and ready to retire. It offers GSA(for Military Families), Florida VPK Program and BRHPC (School Readiness) program. The school has two Vehicles. Current enrollment is about 115. The school has a staff of 16 people. The facility sit on one of the major highways in Broward with over 4850 square feet of space in a free standing building. Sales in 2015 were $756,302 and a cash flow of $152,149.  2016 Sales totaled $785,769 with a cash flow of  $ 161,179If you want to get into the preschool business and you want to own a school that could be expanded this is it. Call Dennis Mope today for more information. 407-865-4385
  • Price: $599,000 
  • location: Broward County Florida 
  • Phone Number: 407-865-4385 
  • property id: Broward 
  • More info: Call Dennis Mope