Nationally recognized Educational and Professional Sports Training

Top USA students and International Boarding School that offers a Professional Sp

Top USA students and International Boarding School that offers and is a Professional Sports Center. The school offers an all-inclusive and comprehensive educational program and taking part in Professional level sports training. Over the years the school has been able to propel over 500 students to college level Athletic/Academic scholarships. The school site on 40++ acres and over 150,000 sf of space set aside for the school and its programs.

•Over 150,000 Square Feet of Academic, Athletic, and Administrative space
•Media Room and Event Room
•Film Rooms
•5 Student-Athlete Lounges
•NBA, MLS, MLB, FIBA Client Lounge
•25 Educational Classrooms
•12 Study Hall and Tutoring Rooms
•300+ Person Capacity Cafeteria

The school offers High School, Post-Graduate, Sports Program and Training and Sport Camps.

Call Dennis Mope from Schools For Sale, Inc. at 407-865-4385 for more information. Schools for sale has been selling school over 24 years. We have a strong team and will help with the sale of the school.

  • Price: $12,000.000 
  • location: South East 
  • Phone Number: 407-865-4385 
  • property id: Sport 
  • More info: Dennis Mope 407-865-4385