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In addition to the cost below you will have cost for various items& services from other vendors, like web site design , Set up of CRM and LMS, Class Selection and other various vendors. The cost for this is based on what you want and need. Example a well-designed web site could cost you an additional $10,000. Other service needed could go as high as $60,000.00 (PLUS).

We need to know what you want from us when it comes to the package. Once we know that and the services you need from us we can then go to the various vendor to and determine the cost outside our consulting services. The outside services would be paid by you directly to the vendor.

It is important to remember that we only provide consulting services and assist with the development of a functional online school.



We handle the set-up for items in the following categories:


  • Insurance
  • Communication Systems
  • Payment Systems
  • Curriculum & Structure
  • Basic Processes & Systems


We handle the set-up for everything in the Standard Package, plus:

Basic Marketing

  • Advanced Processes & Systems

FULL PACKAGE $40,000.00

We handle everything in the Standard and Deluxe packages, plus:


  • Website Design
  • Additional Marketing Help
  • Cybersecurity


In this package, we will tell you all the things you will need to set up a school and give you advice on information you find. No assistance is provided in actually completing the tasks.


If, after you have chosen the Advice-Only Package, you decide you want us to assist you in completing any of the tasks, we can create Custom Add-Ons for the tasks you would like for us to take care of, priced individually.

  • Price: Various 
  • location: USA 
  • Phone Number: Call Dennis Mope 407-865-4385