Established Preschool with Property in Central Florida market. In a great locat

The school located in Central Florida /Orange Co. and is listed for $1,695,000.00 which, include both the business and the Property. Financing and appraisal work for the school is available and we have a lender ready, willing and able to do the financing. The Assistance Director can be the Director and has a certificate.

The school has been in the community for long time and is well established. The school offer the food program(CCFP) for the children. It provides transportation. It offers an afterschool program and summer camp.

The School is not accredited which can be obtained and save the new owner over $9000+ pre year. It is recommended that the new owner look into the accreditation process for this school. There are other benefits if accredited.

VPK is offered at this school. The School is approved for Head Start. The School is part of the School Readiness program.

The school has Ford Vans and pick up students at local Elementary Schools.

School participate in Government Subsidized Care program which include VPK, 4C and Ten Parent programs.